Nepal Buddhist Association has been conducting Puja ceremonies in various religious places, stupas, and monasteries. We have been organizing these Pujas/Prayers for the betterment of well being among all sentient beings. We believe these Pujas can be a great medium to help bring monks, nuns and laypersons together from all over the country for a common noble purpose. This also allows sharing Buddhist practices and teachings to a younger generation.

Our other Projects

Location: Lamatol, Helambu-06, Sindhupalchok

Jhyang Chhub Sempa Gumba

Nepal Buddhist Association (NBA) is working in the field of reconstruction since 2017. Within these years we have successfully supported…

Location: Fungbache-01, Helambu, Sindhupalchok

Dhakar Samba Choelying

Dhakar Samba Choelying Monastery is located at Fungbache-01, Helambu, Sindhupalchok. It is in Bagmati Province of Nepal. We can see…