Jhyang Chhub Sempa Gumba

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Location: Lamatol, Helambu-06, Sindhupalchok

Nepal Buddhist Association (NBA) is working in the field of reconstruction since 2017. Within these years we have successfully supported 11 local Monasteries in their rebuilding while the 12th and 13th projects are ongoing.

This is Jyangchhub Sempa Monastery at Lamatol, Helambu-06, Sindhupalchok district. The Monastery was completely destroyed by the 2015 mega earthquake in Nepal. Your support will be highly appreciated by the beneficiaries.

We also ensure your support will make a big difference to the needy. The locals have high enthusiasm towards their monastery.

Dear Dharma friends,

We are at Jhyangchuk Sempa Ghyang Monastery, Ichok-06, Helambu, Sindhupalchok. The committee has dropped the application letter mentioning the need for Monastery. It is not safe to stay inside the Monastery and to practice rituals.

This is the 12th project of the Nepal Buddhist Association. The project "Rebuilding 108 Monasteries" in Nepal. The work has started from today. All the locals are working together. We believe that it is good intentions and collective efforts, which help us in achieving a better result.

The old statues will be preserved and the woods which are reusable will be reused in the Monastery. The rocks will be used in the base to make the base strong.

The Monastery committee acknowledges the difficulty in rebuilding the Monastery and wants Nepal Buddhist Association to support it. The pictures below will clear the damages inside the Monastery.

We request you all to support the local Monastery in its rebuilding. Support them directly or support us. We will appreciate your assistance in this project. The project has benefited many local villages and the number of individuals is uncountable. We aren't only supporting them in rebuilding but we are preserving the culture, the historical important value. We invite you to jointly make the difference and support them.

Let’s pray and hope every Monastery is being rebuilt.

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Jhyang Chhub Sempa Gumba

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