Dechhen Tharling Gumba

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Dechhen Tharling

Location: Chitre, Sotang-04, Solukhumbu

This is "Dechhen Tharling Monastery", located at Chitre, Sotang-04, Solukhumbu, Nepal; it was massively affected by the earthquake back in 2015. The houses of the locals were also affected. As time passes the locals restored everything.

Solukhumbu falls in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The place where the Monastery is located has no access to transport. The locals have to walk for a day to reach there from their Rural Municipality-Sotang. The locals were glad to build relations with NBA. NBA supported them for the Painting Art and Furniture inside the Monastery.

Till today; Nepal Buddhist Association had supported 11 Monastery and this is in 9th place. Dechhen Tharling Monastery was rebuilt by the villagers which need great compassion and dedication to dare it.

Nepal Buddhist Association support such initiative takers.

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