Dupkhang Gumba

Details About Dupkhang Gumba -

Location: Kharchung, Helambu, Sindulpalchok

Status: Consruction Ongoing

In the 10th century the saint and poet Milarepa meditated in Helambu. The Tiger Cave Lion Fortress – where Milarepa sang his “Song of a Yogi’s Joys”. The cave is located near the Melamchi Khola below Tarkeghyang. Only six to nine hours by bus from Kathmandu Melamchi-ghyang can usually be reached by road. Pilgrims might want to consider the considerable merit gained by approaching a holy site on foot and take the bus only as far as Kharchung, where the great Tibetan yogi Milarepa meditated for three years in the Lion Fort Tiger Cave at the direction of his master, Marpa, and attained realisations.
Takphuk senge Dzong(Lion and Tiger Cave) one of the six secret cave at Mount Yolmo Gangra in Nepal.
If we meditate in these caves we will have solitude and favorable conditions. So many Buddhist go there and meditate and they will have the blessings of The Kagyu lineage. During his stay in Takphuk Senge Dzong (cave of the Lion and Tiger) in the forest of singala, doing work beneficial to many human and non-human beings.
Near the Takphuk senge Dzong(Cave of the Lion and Tiger), Dupkhang Gumba is one of the oldest Gumba in Helambu. In 2015, Dupkhang Gumba has been hit very hard by the earthquake and three years after the quake, rebuilding has only barely begun. The villagers complained that the government did not take any initiatives to rebuild the gumba even more than a year after the disaster. Dupkhang Gumba is a holy site for many local and international visitors.
As a 6th project of rebuilding Gumba in different part of Nepal , Nepal Buddhist Association is helping to rebuild the Dupkhang Gumba in Kharchung

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