Tharpa Chhoelying Gumba

Details About Tharpa Chhoelying Gumba -

Tharpa Chhoeyiling Gumba

Location: Marming, Sindupalchok, Nepal


Tharpa Chhoyling Karma Kagyu Monastery(gumba) in Marming, Sindupalchowk whose construction was started May was finally completed on december , 2017. There were various obstacles faced during the construction time by the Nepal Buddhist Association and to its team due roads and weathers. However, we were able to achieve the final result through determination, hard work and help from various helpful hands.
There was a special opening ceremony of this monastery on 28th December 2017 by the chairperson of Nepal Buddhist Association – Chogyal Rinpoche which was made successful by the Nepal Buddhist Associan team and Chinese sponsors with coordination of villagers. The village development committee of the Marming village and the villagers had setup beautiful decoration for the opening ceremony of particular gumba. The program and performances given by the villagers were absolutely worthy and memorable. The ceremony ended successfully with cutting of ribbon, prayer & enchant ion, dance performance, distribution of worshiped holy water and fruits. 
Nepal Buddhist Association team is heartily thankful to the chairperson, Chinese sponsors, village development committee, sub-committee, lama gurus, villagers and all the other peoples who were involved in making the ceremony worthy and successful.

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